Music is both revolutionary and evolutionary in nature. The unique and horizon-broadening study program offered by the Department of Music at the University of Haifa gives students the opportunity to study, research and create in sync with the pace and spirit of the 21st century. The curriculum enables students to examine how the accessibility of information and the progressive development of technological applications impact music. The breaking of stylistic conventions, the great interest in authentic performances, and the blurring of boundaries between art and popular and ethnic music are driving a fundamental change in the way people view music as a subject matter, in general, and in the way educators instill music knowledge and skills, in particular.

The program of study’s broad and diverse field of knowledge includes the following subject areas: western, Mediterranean, popular and jazz music; music and computer technologies; music composition and theory; music production; multimedia works and performance. The program targets students seeking musical knowledge and an opportunity to challenge themselves. The desire to become familiar with various types of music and get excited by them drives our students. The Department’s teachers are committed to providing each student with the requisite knowledge and skills for responsible and up-to-date creation and research, done within a multicultural environment, on the one hand, and an interdisciplinary environment, on the other. The Department of Music equips its students with the skills essential to musicians, musicologists, music educators and agents of musical culture in the 21st century. We are proud of our educators – preeminent composers and researchers.

The Music Department, in the School of the Arts, Faculty of Humanities, University of Haifa, was established in 2001. Its first Chair (in the years 2001-2005) was Prof. Oded Zehavi. Prof. Eitan Steinberg (2006-2010), Prof. Yuval Shaked (2011-2015) and Dr. Avigail Wood (2016-2018) succeeded him. Since 2019 Prof. Taiseer Elias has been leading the
Department. As of the end of 2005, the Department of Music has been located – together with the Theater and Fine Arts Departments – in a modern and inspiring building: The Dr. Hecht Arts Center.

The curriculum includes, among others; Musical Skills (ear training, harmony, counterpoint); Musical Analysis; History of Music; Knowledge of a Canonic Repertoire; Israeli Music; Ethnomusicology; Arab Music; Musical Production; Computer Applications; Acoustics; Jazz Improvisation; Workshops (Rhythm and Drumming; Chamber Music).

Aside from the regular study program, the Department of Music provides a variety of activities and events that offer numerous avenues for students to express and enhance their creative spirit:
blue-dot Concert series (ethnic music; contemporary music; organ music)
blue-dot Special concerts (by guest artists featuring students and staff members)
blue-dot Collaborative performances with the Theater and Fine Arts Departments at the Dr. Hecht Arts Center
blue-dot Weekly Department seminar (guest lectures and workshops)
blue-dot Our modern, well equipped recording studio
blue-dot Our computer laboratory (sound processing, ear training, musical notation)
blue-dot The "Open Stage" and "Active Intermission" (student performances) series
blue-dot Educational tours (to opera performances, instrumental workshops, venues of diverse musical and cultural experiences)
blue-dot Our Composition Competition in memory of Itai Weiner
blue-dot A forum for presentation of outstanding personal projects, seminars, course assignments and musical works submitted by students
blue-dot Ensembles performing music of various genres and styles
blue-dot Mediterranean music ensemble
blue-dot Our choir
blue-dot Performances and workshops given in various communities of people with special needs
blue-dot The Arab-Jewish Orchestra
blue-dot Musicians in the Campus

Staff Members
Prof. Taiseer Elias, Chair, Department of Music
Prof. Yuval Shaked
Prof. Eitan Steinberg
Prof. Oded Zehavi
Dr. Alon Schab
Dr. Avigail Wood
Prof. Arie Shapira z"l (emeritus)

Ms. Meira Asher
Dr. Inbal Alexandron-Guter
Dr. Dan Cahn
Dr. Tommer Hesseg
Dr. Nili Belkind
Mr. Tomer Baruch
Mr. Yair Shahar