The Study Structure

In order to acquire a BA degree from the University of Haifa, students are required to gain 60 credit points for his/her studies at the Music Department and additional 60 credit points at another department of the University, of his choice. The studies at the Department are spread over three years:
In the first year of the "regular" study program, the students acquire basic knowledge of music fundamentals and control over required skills (harmony, ear training and counterpoint). In addition they learn the history of Western music and research methods in musicology, and participate in making music in chamber ensembles and/or as choir singers. Students who are interested may choose to study composition with individual instruction.
The second study year offers progressive courses in skill development; an introduction to music analysis; lessons in jazz, acoustics and electronic music, music production, ethnomusicology, IsraeIi music, Arabic music theory, and various other courses. In addition, the students participate in performing chamber music of different genres and/or sing in the choir.
In the third year the students attend a seminar, take higher-level courses, of their choice, and conclude independent projects.

The Department also runs an "extended" study program. It is operated in cooperation with the Multi-Disciplinary Studies Department. The program prepares the students to submit their applications for the MA studies offered by the Graduate School of Art Therapists at the University of Haifa, at the study program specializing in Music Therapy. This "extended" study program includes all of the courses mentioned above (under the "regular" study program run by the Music Department). These courses will geared to students in the program with an emphasis on practical musical experience.
The Music Department encourages its students to attend courses offered by the Theater Department and the Fine Arts Department which reside in the Dr. Reuven Hecht Arts Center.

Beginning in 2012/13, the Department offers a special study program for composers. It focuses on skills and knowledge demanded from composers – orchestration, notation, score reading, conducting etc.

Conditions of Matriculation

The Music Department opens its doors to candidates who match the conditions of matriculation set by the University, following a personal interview held at the Department. In the interview, the candidates present their musical experience and their skills (playing an instrument or singing, improvisation, reading notes, musical listening, knowledge of music theory). The personal interview is a major factor in the considerations of acceptance into the Department.

During the summer break of the regular studies, the Department runs a class, in which candidates are being intensely prepared to successfully match the conditions of matriculation set by the Department.

pdf Courses offered in the 2013/14 Academic Year